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Does your family have at least one computer in the house? Do you have a tablet, laptop or smartphone? Computers are all around us today and keyboarding skills are a necessity of life. Computers are used in homes, schools and also in work environments. Employers now often require employees to be able to type a certain number of words per minute in order to even get a job with their company. Words per minute (wpm) is determined by not just speed but also accuracy. It is important to learn how to type and to practice often in order to increase your speed and improve your accuracy. There are many options available for you to use to learn or improve keyboarding skills. Many websites offer tutorials and games that teach you how to type. There are also typing tests you can take online to check your speed and accuracy. Software programs are also available for you to purchase and install or download online that are dedicated to help you to learn and improve your typing skills.

Long ago people used typewriters to type everything. There were no computers at all. Now you rarely even see a typewriter. Many people in the past used the “hunt and peck” method of typing which only required two fingers (the index finger of each hand). The person typing actually had to search for each and every letter for each and every word. It was very slow and time-consuming. The letters and punctuation marks are in a specific order now so you can learn to use all of your fingers without looking at the keys in order to type something. With practice you could possibly reach typing speeds of 50 to 80 wpm if you become really good at it. The average person who types on computers can typically type around 33 wpm.

Learning to type does not have to be boring but instead can be fun. Typing games can provide a unique way to learn by combining adorable characters or cool settings with typing. They truly capture the interest of learners. When your interest is peaked it is easier for you to remember the information you learn and you actually want to continue learning. You don't have to be a young child in order to play a typing game. The games can be effective for any person of any age who wants to learn to type or improve their typing skills. The following links are divided into two different categories including: For Kids and Beginners; and For High School/College Students. Just because you may be a high school student it doesn't mean that the links in the “Kids and Beginners” category won't be good or fun for you. You may not want to access a learning link meant for people who don't know how to type if you already know how, but you still might want to play fun games that are meant for beginners. Even if you know how to type using all your fingers basic typing games can still help to improve your speed and accuracy. Typing is a skill that every person should try to acquire. It is necessary in many different settings and can help people to get good jobs and to communicate with others. The following links can help you to learn to type or improve your existing skills.

For Kids and Beginners

For High School/College Students